Bildung – the Dynamo for Democracy!


The 2023 Bildung Week is held from 8 to 14 May 2023. This year’s theme is Bildung – the Dynamo for Democracy!

Bildung is practical and stems from everyday experience. It is about respecting others, a curiosity for learning new things and acting for the common good. Bildung is about growing and living sustainably, in harmony with nature and other people.

Bildung is a power supply against polarisation and antidemocratic powers. Bildung is the Dynamo for Democracy!

Leisure activities and access to local communities or civil society organisations is a way to practise citizenship skills, experience social engagement and express agency. Non-formal learning is a form of everyday democracy: it fosters social engagement and advocacy by emphasising peer learning, creativity and the dignity and potential of each human being.

Are you involved in an association, community or an education institution? Join The Bildung Week campaign! You can gain visibility for your work by organising an event, hosting a dialogue or participating in a social media campaign. Your event will appear on the Bildung Week website and you will receive a material pack to support communication.

Bildung is the Dynamo for Democracy – let’s make it visible together!

The 2023 Bildung Week is coordinated by Bildung Association Citizens’ Forum (Kansalaisfoorumi). The members of the Bildung Week network include Kvs Foundation, Fingo, Sivis Study Centre, Svenska Folkskolans Vänner and Finnish Adult Education Association. Interested? Join us in making Bildung Week happen!

Background to the event

Bildung is our common resource and covers a broad range of activity. For example, it means the learning together that happens every day at educational institutions, workplaces, associations and leisure activities. Learning together helps us to better look after each other and our environment. The aim is to move towards an ecologically and socially sustainable future. This is why the event draws attention to the value of Bildung also from the perspective of building a sustainable future.

For organisations involved in Bildung activity, the event offers an opportunity to reflect on and value the societal significance of their activities.

The Bildung debate has become livelier and broadened in recent years. Its themes and perspectives are also expanding. We welcome all voices to join the Bildung Week’s events and discussion!

Contact us if your organisation would like to take part in organising the events: Anneliina Wevelsiep,

To join the discussion, use the hashtags #sivistysviikko #SivistysDemokratianDynamo #arjensivistystekoni